Business Principles

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The principles listed below entail the values that have underpinned our business operations since inception. SP Offshore’s primary aim is the pursuit of profit for its investors, we believe that our profit-seeking activities should be conducted in a sustainable manner by aiding the social progress of the societies in which we operate.

Company Overview

  • Established in 2008, SP Offshore (SPO) has evolved from an average sized consultancy (focusing on engineering and project transaction advisory management, among others) to a multinational concern.
  • Today, SPO has operations in Nigeria, Mozambique and the Comoros.
  • SPO has managed its exponential growth over the last eight years through developing a sound set of principles aimed at nurturing the following strategic areas:
  • Stakeholders;
  • Conduct;
  • Working environment;
  • Natural environment;
  • Society;
  • Business relationships.


Situated at the core of our values, is a firm belief in maintaining a positive and mutually-beneficial working relationship with all of our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Civil society groups: Our joint activities with civil society groups has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the societies within which we operate. This has positively contributed to our business decisions and the nature of our corporate social investment activities.
  • Shareholders: Our goal is to attain a positive return on investment for our shareholders. This is achieved through the carefully- constructed and well-managed processes of risk management and securing of investments.
  • Staff: Our staff complement consists of a team of highly skilled individuals, in whom we continually invest through skills development programmes and career advancement opportunities.
  • Governments: We have formed a positive working relationship with the governments of the societies within which we operate. This provides us with a channel through which we may actively contribute to the growth and development of these societies.
  • Communities: We maintain an interactive dialogue with communities within which we operate, as their well-being forms a part of our daily business activities and decision-making processes.


  • The manner in which we conduct our business operations is underpinned by the values of transparency, honesty and accountability.
  • At all levels, our staff are inculcated with these values, as they form a very important part of their business interactions.

Working Environment

Our working environment is one that is safe, encourages and enables career growth, mutual respect among staff and places a strong emphasis on human rights. This is to ensure the well-being, advancement and dignity of our staff are ensured. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT Every effort is made to minimise the impact that our operations have on the natural environment. These included the following:

  • Responding swiftly and carefully to situations that could potentially affect the natural environment, our staff and the broader public;
  • Incorporating the protection and conservation of the natural environment into project planning process and daily operations.


Through our business operations, we make every effort to safeguard the following societal interests:

  • Community safety;
  • Human rights;
  • Creation of economic opportunities: Through skills development and corporate social investment initiatives, members of society will be able to harness the employment opportunities generated by the economic advancement of profit-seeking activities.

Business Relationships

All of our business affiliates (staff, investors and service providers) are vetted extensively prior to the formalisation of our relationship with them. This is to make sure that they conform to the principles of fairness, transparency and honesty.


As company representatives, our staff are required to abide by the principles listed above, during all of their business activities. Every effort is made to ensure that these principles are upheld. However, should one of our staff (irrespective of rank) fail to uphold these principles, the company will endeavour to actively seek a solution that will positively address the matter at hand.