Society & Community

SPO are committed to understanding the direct and indirect effects of our activities on people and the community.

The local community is informed of our plans and we seek to ensure that they are engaged and kept informed about our activities through accessible and culturally appropriate methods of communication. We identify other relevant stakeholders and consult with them throughout the project life cycle on matters that affect them in order to understand their perspectives and any concerns. These consultations at the national, regional and local levels allow SPO to share information, understand concerns and build relationships based on collaboration and partnership.

  • We will not engage in material activities unless the appropriate assessments are conducted and measures are adopted to lower the possibility of harm to the environment or society at large.
  • We hold human rights in a very high regard and make every effort to ensure that these are not affected by our operations and business affiliates. We will adopt due diligence in exposing and, where matters are within our sphere of influence, reducing the risk of human rights infringements. Where possible, we will use our relationships with host governments to address human rights issues of our staff and communities affected by our operations. We will put the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights into practice and endeavour to implement appropriate aspects of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  • Human dignity is important and we conduct our business while respecting our host cultures and countries. We will hold regular discussions with the communities impacted by our operations, so that we have an understanding of matters relevant to them.
  • We aim to formulate appropriate channels through which any complaints resulting from our activities may be addressed.
  • Through economic expansion, we seek to further enable the skills base of communities.
  • We strive to collaborate with governments and civil society organisations to fully ensure that our activities form a part of sustainable development.